Barbershop & Barber - Code of Conduct

The relationship between our team and barbers and barbershops is something we don’t take for granted. We try as much as possible to maintain a healthy relationship to ensure business growth. At RateMyBarber, we hold these businesses to a high standard, so we expect these businesses to respect the community we’re trying to build. These rules apply to this category of people:

  • Owners and employees of a barbershop or owners and employees of a business producing barber products and supplies
  • Anyone involved in a business relationship with companies producing barbers’ products and supplies
  • Individuals involved in marketing, selling or distributing barbers’ products and supplies
  • Families of all those listed above

These rules are laid down to protect the community that comprises of your customers.

What you are NOT allowed to do on RateMyBarber?

  • You’re not allowed to review a business you’re involved in, or companies you work for.
  • You’re not allowed to solicit reviews from users by offering them incentives (we’ll discuss more on this below).

What you are allowed to do on RateMyBarber?

  • You may write reviews, but these reviews will be monitored closely. We encourage customers to express themselves, but be mindful of your language as we can remove reviews for any reason that will cause a problem.
  • You can add links to your RateMyBarber page and ask customers to share their experience with friends and family.
  • You can update your RateMyBarber page anytime.

Soliciting reviews

Barbers and barbershops are not permitted to solicit reviews by offering products, services, deals, and discounts. Of course, every business wants reviews on their products or services to help increase sales. RateMyBarber wants reviews on your services and products as well. But offering customers products or services can cause a huge problem for everyone including RateMyBarber as it will make us look unprofessional. We have had a series of cases in the past where barbers and barbershop try to run these kinds of promotions. But now a proven method has been established to checkmate these undesirable situations.

Any barber or barbershop involved in this type of promotion will be contacted and notified of the rules. If no change is effected, we will be forced to do the following:

  • Remove suspicious reviews from the platform or flag them with a warning. This warning will state that the reviews are not genuine because it was written for personal gain.
  • If the offender continues this action after the initial warning, we will be forced to remove the user’s profile along with its reviews from the platform.

At RateMyBarber, we do our best to maintain a healthy relationship with barbers and barbershops in the industry, and we appreciate it if you respect our community and what we’re trying to accomplish.