RMB-Code of Conduct

RateMyBarber is a website containing reviews of barbers and barber shops all over the globe. At RateMyBarber, we do our best to remove false and incorrect information. However, we will not remove any valid opinions, experience or distort anything just to favor barbers and barber shops.

This write-up will provide needed guidelines for every participant on the website. Please note that any infringement of these rules may result in your account being suspended and review information removed. At RateMyBarber, we value you as a user of our website, but the integrity of the community is our top priority. If you need clarification on anything, you’ll find contact information below. Reach out to our friendly moderation staff and get all the answers you need.

For rules specific to the businesses listed on RateMyBarber, you can visit our Barbershop & Barbers Code of Conduct page.

Guidelines for Everyone

Just as you have the right to speak your mind, we also have the right to remove your reviews and possibly suspend you if you’re found wanting in any of the areas listed below:

• Excessive vulgarity
• Inappropriate content
• Anything threatening to another person


We also monitor users’ activities on the system to ensure it is not being manipulated. If we notice any suspicious behavior in any of the categories listed below, the suspect account may be suspended:

• Posting on behalf of someone else
• Manipulation of votes on user reviews
• Manipulation of ratings
• Creating an account to maliciously target other users, barbers, or barbershops


Any form of behavior that is damaging to the community will not be tolerated. Please contact our staff of moderators if you’d like to dispute anything.


Have a problem with any of the rules or need to dispute something?


We make mistakes too as no one is perfect. So, if you feel any unjust action was taken against you, please contact us so we can talk about your situation.
You can reach us through the contact link at the bottom of the page or visit our forums for extensive discussions.