In order to maintain a trust system, we ask you to verify your account.

We go the extra mile to keep the community here on RateMyBarber honest and open. Who you are is not important to us, we just want to make sure you’re a unique individual. The trust system has been put in place to combat those that try to manipulate the information here on RateMyBarber.

As the name implies, it is a system of trust between us at RateMyBarber, our users, and customers. As you perform different actions on the platform, your trust increases. And the better your trust ranking, the more weight is put behind your actions on the platform.

The trust level is a simple system. We felt there is no need to activate the system since no user is currently trusted! Nonetheless, when you establish Trust Level 1, your reviews will be more prominent on RateMyBarber and your listing will be more recommended.

In the future, we will be establishing different levels of trust requirements for various systems throughout RateMyBarber.

Currently, the only way to increase trust levels is to associate your account with one of these activities:

• Associate your account with a valid email

• Claim your barber or barbershop listing 

• Add a valid business phone number to your account

• Add a reputable social media platform to your account

We simply require enough information to help us verify your individuality, nothing more. On your account page, you’ll find all the necessary information that is (privately) stored about your account on RateMyBarber. With sensitive data like your phone number, we make sure it is encrypted using a similar method to password storage.

Right now the only thing this information is used for is to log into your account and to resist your password. Nothing more.  All other communications from RateMyBarber will be part of a separate opt-in-process. We do not harass our users.

There is a section called account details in your account.

Working with RateMyBarber


A self-help section is provided for you to get involved with RateMyBarber and its services.

Business Tools

At RateMyBarber, we provide a free self-service business interface, which will help your business maximize clients from the platform. These business tools have all you need to:

• Control your site presence
• Manage pricing, services, hours and barbers
• Track performance of your brand, product, service, as well as pricing
• Manage Multiple Listings


We update our business tool interface often. All barbers and barbershops are welcome to claim their listing. Later in this article, we will discuss the methods of how to access business tools and claim your business.

Why get involved?

We know how valuable it is for businesses to streamline their operations and reduce costs. That is why we provide self-service tools to help businesses achieve their goals.

We believe that connecting those systems to our existing community features, and our amazing reputation as an objective resource will provide unique opportunities for businesses. RateMyBarber business tools are convenient and easy to use. So why not leverage these tools and give your business a good chance at growth.

How it works?

While we would love all businesses to experience a life-changing experience by using our platform, the community ultimately has the final say in terms of business success. The next two sections, ADVANCED ACTIVITIES AND BASIC ACTIVITIES entail the actions you can apply to improve your profile visibility on the platform. Greater visibility results on RateMyBarber means more outbound leads to your website, which will in turn increase sales.

You can skip to those sections, perform all activities and still be successful. However, you’re advised to understand the basic mechanics as it can help you get the most impact from each activity, and who knows! You may even come up with your own tactics.

Site Structure

RateMyBarber is powered by a specifically designed engine to illustrate relationships between all reviews submitted by the community. Benchmarks such as communication, accuracy, pricing, customer satisfaction, location, cleanliness, and overall rating are all examples of these criteria.

Our platform uses these reviews to generate ranking, search results, and statistics. Every review is used to craft unique content on RateMyBarber containing organic and curated content. In the case of organic content, they’re dynamically generated by the platform based on its relationships with the barber, barbershops, as well as clients. In the case of curated content, it was explicitly created by an end-user, site administrator, or business owner